5 Lessons That I Learned Living With A Chronic Illness


I will never forget the day that I “finally” got a realistic medical diagnosis. I was nineteen and was legit over the top over feeling like I could not pull through my daily activities. I had went to many ER’s, doctors, and again to my gynecologist to discuss my growing concern for my menstrual cycle. What I learned was horrifying for any woman let alone a woman about to enter her 20’s.

I learned that all the years of heavy bleeding, painful TOTM’s (Time of the months), migraines, dizzy spells overall body pain were all contributed to Endometriosis. I was told that I would need surgery to help lessen the pain and to see which organs were affected. I had the surgery one late November and that it was when my actively and knowingly living with Endometriosis journey began.

Fun Fact: The pain never really goes away. You just learn to deal with it and only hope that some months continue to be better than others. I salute anyone reading this who may know someone or is someone dealing with a CI. I also hope to help remove the stigma that’s associated with Chronic Illnesses. Not all people look like they aren’t well.

Here are five lessons that I have learned along the way and the hard way:

  • To be more Gentle with myself. I am not going to exaggerate throughout my life I have always been super tough on myself. I’ve beaten myself up for never conceiving a child as well as having to take time off to deal with my issues.
  • Healthy Mind. It is so easy to fall down but how we pick ourselves us is what matters. If you dwell on anything it only tends to magnify the situation. It’s best to keep things light. Accepting that you may have low periods but not staying there. Again, be gentle with yourself.
  • It is OKAY to CANCEL plans or check out early. This is something that I really dislike to do but find myself doing often. For some reason, I find myself making plans and day of do not even have the physical strength to go. I may not have the energy to muster up to even deal with myself, let alone other people. That’s deep because I love people and I love myself.
  • What you EAT really matters. Eating healthy is extremely important. Finding what foods are good for your body is what will help you and slow down the aging process significantly.
  • Holistic and Alternative medicine are a must. If it were up to any GYN they would want me on Birth Control Pills. No offense to those things but there are other ways that I learned I could control pain. There is Acupuncture, different teas and tonics, massage, vitamin supplements, exercise, and the list goes on.

Raw Images: @MartinKenneth

Hair: @KayCStyles

Makeup: @LadyAlisonMoss

Bodysuit: Zara


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